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EU Single Sky Performance
News article14 June 2024Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport1 min read

Update: Publication of supporting materials for RP4

A package of supporting materials for RP4 is now available on the EU Single Sky Performance website. These documents are, in particular, intended to support national supervisory authorities in the development of draft performance plans for the fourth reference period (RP4) of the Single European Sky performance and charging scheme.

The RP4 Supporting Material package published today comprises the following documents:

  • PRB Guidance Material for the Development of Draft RP4 Performance Plans
  • PRB Guidance Material on cost bases for charges and unit rates for air navigation services
  • PRB Study on cost of capital
  • EASA Guidance Material for the implementation and measurement of the safety key performance indicator (SKPI) and safety performance indicators (SPIs)
  • Blank RP4 performance plan template and its Annex V (pdf versions for information purposes)
  • RP4 breakdown values for capacity and environment


General publications14 June 2024
240614_PRB Guidance material RP4 PPs
General publications24 June 2024
240624_PRB Guidance material CB UR
General publications25 June 2024
240625_Cost of Capital Guidelines
General publications14 June 2024
RP4 S(K)PI Guidance Material Annex SKPI & SPI
General publications14 June 2024
RP4 PP final template
General publications14 June 2024
ANNEX V - RP4 performance plan template
General publications14 June 2024
RP4 Breakdown values for CAP and ENV


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14 June 2024
Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport
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