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News article28 October 20191 min read

PRB Monitoring Report 2018

The Performance Review Body announces the publication of its Annual Monitoring Report 2018, which consists of the main report and four annexes, providing detailed analysis on specific aspects.

The documents can be accessed through these links: 

PRB Annual Monitoring Report 2018: 

General publications28 October 2019
Performance Review Body: PRB Monitoring Report 2018


Annex I - Union wide detailed analysis for experts: 

General publications28 October 2019
Annex I - Union-wide Detailed Analysis for Experts


Annex II - Member States' detailed analysis for experts: 


Annex III - Safety Report: 

General publications28 October 2019
Annex III – Safety Report


Annex IV - CAPEX Report: 

General publications28 October 2019
Annex IV – CAPEX report


A CAPEX dashboard is available to review RP2 investments by ANSPs and it has been used to produce Annex IV of the 2018 PRB Monitoring Report. You can request delivery of the dashboard and the accompanying user manual via email to prb-officeatprb [dot] eusinglesky [dot] eu (prb-office[at]prb[dot]eusinglesky[dot]eu) .


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28 October 2019
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