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EU Single Sky Performance

PRB Role


The Performance Review Body (PRB) of the Single European sky (SES) is an advisory body to the European Commission. The PRB assists the Commission in the implementation of the SES performance and charging scheme and makes recommendations to the Commission. It is established by Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2016/2296 of 16 December 2016.

PRB Members

The PRB consists of nine expert members, including the Chair, Cathy Mannion.

The members are:

  • Denis Bouvier
  • Estelle Malavolti
  • Jan Malawko
  • Juan Montero
  • Eric Nantier
  • Ben Van Houtte
  • Jesper Skou
  • Joseph Sultana

Tasks of the PRB

Among others, these comprise of: assisting the Commission in the implementation of the performance scheme, providing ad hoc information or reports on performance-related issues at the request of the Commission, assisting in defining the modalities of accessing performance-related data, assisting the national supervisory authorities on their request in the implementation of the performance scheme by providing an independent view of performance issues and determining ranges of indicative values for target setting.

Current Activities

The current activities of the PRB are detailed in the PRB Work Programme 2023.

So far in 2023, the PRB provided the Commission with its Advice on Union-wide targets for the fourth reference period (RP4, 2025-2029), the 2022 Annual Monitoring Report, incl. the Traffic Light System, as well as with its advice on the corrective measures for Belgium-Luxembourg.

The PRB activities delivered in 2022 are detailed in the PRB Annual Report 2022.

PRB statutory documents

General publications6 September 2023
PRB rules of procedures
General publications6 September 2023
PRB stakeholder engagement plan

The Stakeholder Engagement Plan includes modalities of cooperation with national supervisory authorities and working arrangements with air navigation service providers, airport operators, airport coordinators and air carriers.

General publications6 September 2023
PRB data management plan